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How do They Install Sprayed Insulation in Boise, Idaho?

This question is much like the one my father used to ask: “What do they use to make sour kraut in Germany?” The same as anywhere: cabbage. Well, sprayed insulation in Boise, Idaho is the same as everywhere else, too! Now, if you do not know how they do it in other places either, you are about to learn. This type of insulation can be made of mono-glass, thermo-con, cellulose or polyurethane. It sticks to walls and ceilings, and even bricks. It can also cover pipes and hard to reach areas and structure beams.

The process begins by masking off all areas where workers do not want the spray particles to go. This is called over-spray, and can be hard to remove later. The worker also suits up in protective coveralls with a hood and goggles. A face mask will keep the substance out of his lungs. He or she, as the case may be, will carry a large hose that is connected to an outside truck or container which holds the liquid foam which dried into insulation. Boise is a great place for using this substance as the temperatures are mild, and humidity is low. However, one can spray this type of foam indoors as long as there are adequate drying conditions. It must not be allowed to freeze.

After the spray is applied, the room needs to dry completely and the foam will expand into the cracks and contoured areas. It is important to not spray the insulation too thick, as it will have a hard time drying, and thicker is not better, according to current research. The air will not penetrate this foam, so as long as the area is covered well, it will dry faster and better if not sprayed on too thick.

One of the advantages sprayed insulation is Boise, Idaho homes are sometimes not insulated well when built. This is especially true of older homes which were constructed before current, updated codes. Also, older insulation was not made of the same modern materials and some of it has biodegraded over time. Spraying insulation allows homeowners and professionals to spray the attic without climbing completely into it. This makes a much easier job for all. Also the spray will fill the small spaces which may have been left by less-than-conscientious builders operating from more lenient codes of years past.

The main thing to know about sprayed insulation is that it is messy. The spray can fly everywhere, and the sprayer must be completely covered in order to avoid contamination with the chemicals of which the stuff is made. This is an important factor, as cancer can result from sprayed insulation. Boise, Idaho residents must protect themselves while working with convenient, yet toxic substances, just as other locations must do as well. So there you have it. If you want a professional to do the messy work, visit www.rightnowheatcool.com and find the right people to do the job right. Written by .

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